Beat spotted on Skidmore College campus

3:54 PM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
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By Robert Boyd

Saratoga Springs, NY (WTEN/CNN) - A black bear was spotted twice on a New York college campus Wednesday. Now, Skidmore College staff and students are on the lookout for a return visit.

Campus security at Skidmore College was heightened Wednesday after a bear was spotted in two different locations.

The black bear was first reported by a couple driving along Perimeter Road.

"They saw a bear, a small bear, cross the road and they called it in as soon as they could. They didn't have a cell phone, so it took a few minutes," said Larry Britt with Campus Safety.

The second sighting occurred around 7:30 a.m. right outside the main entrance.

"It stayed there for a few minutes, and then it wandered back into the woods, and we haven't seen it since," said Britt.

Over the last year bear sightings in the capital region have become more common. But this is the first known bear sighting on Skidmore campus, and security has limited details to go on.

"It's just small black bear. That's all we said," said Britt.

[Reporter]: "Do you believe it was the same bear in both sightings?"

"We're guessing, yeah," said Britt.

The campus immediately went into action, notifying the community about the furry visitor.

"This is a precautionary email just advising everybody that a bear was spotted around campus, and to use caution if they see it," said Britt.

School is currently not in session, but there are still a few people on campus, at least for now.

"I think that's really crazy. I'm a little petrified of bears. I'm going to hide for the next couple days. I'm going to hibernate myself," said an unnamed college counselor.

Across campus, security guard Bob Pierce drives diligently, looking for the uninvited guest.

"We've had moose sightings. We've seen foxes," said Pierce.

Like a detective, Pierce leaves no trash can unturned.

Some students have already taken to Twitter, tweeting on behalf of the bear. "I just want a fine education," said one tweet. Another said, "Don't trust the squirrels."

Pierce says it may be a little too early for joking around. He doesn't believe we've seen the last of the bear.

"There are so many dog walkers and joggers and hikers that someone will sight it again. I'm sure," said Pierce.

[Reporter]: "You think this bear will be back?"

"I feel it lives around here someplace, or it's wandered into the area," he said.


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