Keeven Elementary student brought gun to school

5:40 PM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Keeven Elementary Letter

By Alex Fees

Florissant, Mo (KSDK) - A student at Keeven Elementary School in the Hazelwood School District brought a handgun to school Thursday.

Principal Sue Fields explained in a letter to parents that after the student brought the gun into school, another student took the gun out of the backpack and hid it in his classroom.

The students are fifth-graders. A third student saw the gun and reported it to her teacher.

A Keeven school resource officer was notified and the two students were taken into custody. School officials called police. School officials say the gun was never used in a threatening manner.

"Obviously bringing a gun to school is a serious offense, and we can't say specifically what will happen to the students because of privacy laws," Diana Gulotta is Assistant Superintendent for Communications said. "However what we can say is the behavior guide would stipulate at minimum 10 days out-of-school suspension, to a disciplinary hearing. And then at the discipline hearing they would decide. But the most severe consequence is expulsion."

Gulotta said school district officials do not know what the student intended.

"It's never good when there's a gun at school," said Gulotta. "We don't want any weapons at school. But the process was followed appropriately. And that's the culture we try to create, that when you hear something that creates concern that you report it immediately."

Regarding the third student, who saw the gun and reported it to her teacher, Gulotta said, "Her efforts really need to be commended, because that's what we tell the students to do. Anytime there is a concern about anything, you need to report that to an adult."


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