Fivay High School students filmed having sex by another student

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Isabel Mascarenas, 10 News

HUDSON, Fla. (WTSP) - Weapons on campus, a student suicide, and students videotaped having sex: they all happened at the same Pasco County high school.

School district officials say if a survey sampling of parents, students and teachers at Fivay High School is any indication, the problems at Fivay run deep.

One-third of the students and staff say Fivay is not a positive climate to learn in, and one-fifth of parents feel the same way. The survey shows two-thirds of students say classmates do not follow the rules or respect each other.

"It's sad. We grew up in a generation that has grown to be like this in high school," said 10th grader Kaylyn Edward.

Deputies arrested a 16-year-old on Friday for bringing three knives to school. The student reportedly told deputies he brought the knives for protection, in case he got into a fight.

A few days earlier, a student videotaped two students during a sex act in the media room and distributed copies to other students.

In January, parents complained about a science teacher's violent test questions and in December, a 16-year-old committed suicide after friends say she was cyber-bullied.

All of these incidents happened in less than four months.

"I don't feel safe here with everything that's happened... suicide, knives, sex in the media center... what's next?" says 9th grader Kaylee Ashton.

A student named Patrick who did not want to give his last name said, "The school is like a prison. You come in, do your time, and get out."

Kaylyn said bullying and fights are also a problem.

Senior Josh Paredez said he too doesn't feel safe at Fivay, nor does he think it is a positive climate to learn in.

"Nobody cares about learning here," said Josh.

Fivay opened in 2010 and some wonder what has gone wrong in such a short period of time.

Josh thinks the problems start at the top.

"I think the administrative problem is a big part of it. It seems extremely disorganized and not very efficient at all."

Kaylee's grandmother Kay Ashton said the solution is good parenting.

"I think there needs to be more supervision, with parents getting involved. It's a shame it's come to this."

Spokesperson for the Pasco School District Linda Cobbe admitted the school's problem is very troubling. Cobbe said students need to realize the consequences can be severe; for example, with the students videotaped having sex, Cobbe says they aren't the only ones in trouble.

"It's a felony to even possess that type of video. It's a felony to share it, as well," explained Cobbe.

District officials said they're working with school staff on communication and leadership skills.

"Our concerns are the climate overall. It needs to operate like a community and the leadership needs to collaborate with the staff at the school," Cobbe said.

Students will have a Unity Day to learn about respect and tolerance.

In June, the district will hold a community summit and bring local leaders, parents, students and educators together to target problems in area schools and come up with some solutions.

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