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Some Nevada schools opening health clinics

4:22 PM, Dec 14, 2012   |    comments
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By Cassandra Garcia

LAS VEGAS (KLAS/CNN) - The number of people without health insurance is growing in Nevada, and that means many kids are having to skip trips to the doctor.

But now, officials are working to combat the problem by providing more public student health clinics in schools.

For a large amount of students in the Clark County School District, being sick doesn't always mean a trip to the doctor.

The high cost of medical care often times detours uninsured families visiting a physician, says social worker Yvonne Moore.

"I would say five kids a day, and we see about 30 kids who aren't insured, and so that's very troublesome now a days in this economy to afford their health coverage, their medications," she said.

According to Nevada Health and Human Services, more than 22 percent of Nevadans were uninsured in 2011, that's up from 21 percent in 2010.

The Casey Jones Health Center plans to help some of those families get care.

With a fun and comforting environment, the center is a one-stop shop for a child's medical needs from primary care to dentistry.

Dr. Steven Delisle says dental care is one of the areas that is often put off because of the cost.

"If a child comes in with severe dental decay, instead of treating it tooth by tooth, over five or 10 appointments, we can put the child to sleep, do all the decay and all the restorative in one appointment," said Dr. Delisle.

The center is operated by the foundation called Positively Kids, and is already helping thousands of children.

The foundation also helps parents enroll their children with government assistance programs like Medicaid and Nevada Checkup.



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