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New Developments In Deaths Of St. Charles County Natives

11:05 AM, Jun 22, 2007   |    comments
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By Jeff Small (KSDK) - New developments in a murder with ties to St. Charles, Missouri. Wednesday, the surviving member of the Vaughn family returned to his parents home in St. Charles. One day prior, a Chicago Sun Times photographer took a picture of Christopher Vaughn outside his family's Illinois home. On his left arm was a very visible bandage near his wrist. Vaughn has told police he was shot in the leg while his wife and 3 children died from gunshot wounds. Cameras were rolling on Wednesday as Vaughn and his mother drove up to his parent's home, but neither had any comment. While Christopher spent time in Saint Charles, Illinois State Police investigators raided the family's Illinois home. Investigators took items including several computers, vhs tapes and a fax machine. It's not known if a confiscated vhs tape contained a Law and Order SVU episode. The story line involves a man living a double life, who ends up fatally shooting his wife and three children. The character also had a self inflicted wound and claimed someone else fired the shot. The episode has caught the attention of investigators as they try to figure out a motive for the Vaughn family tragedy. Joe Jacobson is a friend of Kimberly Vaughn's father. The Clayton attorney is now acting as a spokesperson. Jacobson says, "My understanding is they have spoken to various police and are cooperating as fully as they can and providing anything the authorities want." Kimberly's family is not making any accusations about who killed her or her kids. Meantime, the family continues to say all four were victims and nothing more. Visitation for Kimberly Vaughn and the three kids will be Friday at Baue St. Charles funeral home. A memorial service will be Saturday at New Hope Presbyterian Church in St. Charles.


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