Madelyn Lane's Hewitt & Hitchcock

1:50 PM, Jul 25, 2007   |    comments
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There’s a store in Clayton where you can bring in almost any object and they can make it into something spectacular. It’s called “Madelyn Lane’s-Hewitt and Hitchcock”, because Madelyn wanted to honor the store’s original prestige. "It's always been Hewitt and Hitchcock, it's been in business for 37 years, it's been in Clayton for 37 years..and I bought it 10 years ago" says Madelyn Lane, store owner. Madelyn Lane had her start as an interior designer and that’s when she discovered this gem. "You are looking and trying to finish a job and you're looking for accessories and pieces to complete it and they said oh you have to go over to Hewitt and Hitchcock and they can help you with lamps" Madelyn tells us. And who knew that one day she would own the store that made her originally fall in love with lamps. "I think it's like a great piece of jewelry. You go out and you want a wonderful broach or a pretty necklace, to me a beautiful lamp and shade finishes off a room" she says. Madelyn Lane has a special talents, she can make a lamp out of practically anything. "Somebody can bring us their favorite cigar box and we can make it into a lamp" Madelyn says. "We've made them for the baseball players, they've brought us their baseball bats and we've made floor lamps” she says. She’s made lamps out of old gaucho boots, antlers and right now she is working on making a lamp out of a big champagne bottle. "That's what we do, that's what our specialty is we create things that you can't get at other stores" she tells us. Madelyn Lane has even customized a lamp for Madonna. "This is a gift for Madonna from a publicist and this is our interpretation of what a Madonna lamp should look like" she says. "This is an antique bustier and we dressed it with all the different fabrics, you know the trim and everything and the feathers" Madelyn says. Underneath her shop is her workroom where all the Magic happens. "So we have just boxes and boxes of things that we will take apart and make a lamp out of them" she says. Right now they are in the process of making a lamp that will be a present for Oprah. "Then I found this piece of sculpture, it's called twin sisters so we are mounting that into a lamp, this is going to be the shade, this will be the finial and it's going to be a little gift for her for her girls school that she did in Africa" What you’ll learn from Madelyn Lane is that you can add a unique touch to any lamp, especially with these magnetic jewels. Madelyn tries to use her success to give back and support other independent women "I try very hard to promote other women who are in business so if I find a company who is owned by a woman and does a really good product that is the quality that I like to carry, I like to purchase from them and represent them" And if you’re lucky, when you are in her store you might see her special friend who hangs out in the back "Come here Katie, come out here, Katie is our mascot" she says about her dog Katie. A mascot that probably doesn’t realize the true treasure that she is a part of. Madelyn Lane’s Hewitt and Hitchcock is open Monday through Friday from 9:30am-5pm and on Saturday from 10am-4pm. Right now they are having a summer sale on their lampshades and Chapman products. They are located at 23. North Bemiston in Clayton. For more information you can call (314) 863-2787 or click the link on this page to get to her website.

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