Meramec River Not Finished Rising

10:24 PM, Mar 19, 2008   |    comments
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By Ann Rubin (KSDK) -- In Valley Park, the Meramec River has already overflowed its banks, but the river is not done rising. While many residents have faith in the new levee, some continued to fill sandbags just in case. The levee was built to withstand up to 45 feet of water; the river is forecasted to crest at 40 feet. Good news, according to the Army Corp of Engineers. “Got five more feet of levee above the predicted river stage,” said Patrick Conroy, a Corps of Engineers spokesman. But there will be trouble spots. The Missouri Department of Transportation pinpointed one of them. Crews are preparing to shut down 141 where it goes under Interstate 44 due to flood expectations. “The predictions from the National Weather Service are that this area will go under water, so we are watching that,” said Owen Hasson, MoDOT spokesman. “And they are giving us some forecasted times (Thursday) morning.” But not everyone would wait to take action. At the Circle of Concern food pantry, they've packing up and shutting down now. “It's like moving your house times ten. We have about 50,000 pounds of food to move,” said Glenn Koenen, a spokesman. Their building flooded twice before – a nail near the ceiling marks the high watermark. The staff here does not want to see that happen again and hope volunteers will come Thursday morning to help them finish the move. “It's better to be safe than sorry,” Koenen said. “It's easier to put everything back on the shelf than to be here and watch the water come up.”


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