Controversial church group picketing at St. Louis high school

4:25 PM, Nov 2, 2009   |    comments
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KSDK -- A church group based in Topeka, Kansas that draws headlines for protesting soldier funerals around the country, is back in St. Louis.

Protestors for the Westboro Baptist Church visited Marquette High School Monday morning with one simple message: "you are all in big trouble with God!" About 10 protestors were outside school grounds, holding signs reading "America is doomed," "God is your enemy," "You will eat your babies," and other saying God disapproved of homosexuals.

About 30 or more parents, students and teachers from Marquette High School came out as a counter protest group.

It is unclear exactly what the Westboro Baptist Church protestors were condemning. The group released a statement prior to Monday's protest that they would be singing a song on the subject of God's wrath entitled "God is Mad," sung to the Michael Jackson hit, "I'm Bad."

The group submitted some of the reworked lyrics in its statement. NewsChannel 5 is reprinting some of them below:

"...And God is mad, he's mad, you know it (Mad, mad - really, really mad) / You've sinned so bad, admit it - you know it (Bad, bad - really, really bad) And the whole world has to answer to God / Just to tell you once again, God's mad!"

The church group made headlines earlier this year when they traveled to Maryville, Illinois to protest at the funeral of Pastor Fred Winters, who was gunned down March 8 while delivering a sermon at First Baptist Church of Maryville. A spokesman for Westboro Baptist said at the time that God did not like Winters and sent the alleged shooter to kill him.


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