Cover band Yukon Jake relishing big screen moment in "Up In The Air"

12:06 AM, Dec 12, 2009   |    comments
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By Casey Nolen

KSDK -- With more than 80 sets on 50 locations in St. Louis, several spots in the city will finally get their time on the silver screen this weekend with the opening of "Up in the Air."

But don't overlook St. Louis' newest stars, the band Yukon Jake.

"This is really the culmination of months and months of waiting," says Stephen Lennartz.

First formed over 15 years ago, Yukon Jake is a cover band made up of five guys who are friends first.

"There are no egos in the band," says Lennartz.

And it was in all humility that they landed one of their coolest gigs ever -- by simply answering an ad for a wedding band when George Clooney and crew came to shoot in St. Louis.

"It was real tongue and cheek," says lead vocalist John Mebruer. "It was like yeah we'll be in you're movie we've never done one before but we're willing to learn."

"We got this call and it's like we'd like you to be in this film, it's a George Clooney movie," Lennartz says. "And we're like, 'I think we can fit you in.'"

"A little star struck, no doubt," says band member Rich Cannon. "George Clooney was on the set."

"We were rocking," says drummer Mark Evans of the band's performance the day of shooting a wedding reception scene.

"Our job was to get them dancing and keep them dancing and I thought we did okay," says Evans.

But these guys know their roots, and aren't letting their new found fame go to waste.

Friday night they hosted friends, family, and fans to hear them play after the movie -- to raise money for the musical non-profit, Play It Forward.

Play It Forward works to get musical instruments in the hands of kids who can't otherwise afford them. But being in the movies may just change the band a little.

"After sharing the experience with George Clooney and company we might play a few more weddings," says Lennartz. "We'll see."


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