Bob Poff calls Haiti earthquake 'horrifying'

8:34 AM, Jan 13, 2010   |    comments
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Bob Poff

KSDK -- The director of disaster services and public relations for the Salvation Army said being in Haiti when the 7.0 earthquake hit was the most horrifying experience of his life.

Bob Poff said he was driving a pick-up down a mountain into Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit.

"I thought someone had hit us," said Poff during a phone interview with NewsChannel 5's Jennifer Blome. "I thought we were going over the side of the mountain."

Poff loaded as many people as he could into his pick-up truck and drove two miles down into town and watched the buildings collapse. He tried to help as many as he could.

"There were people running, crying, bleeding, carrying injured people," said Poff.

The people who died were piled up on the side of the road.

The horror continued throughout the night when the aftershocks hit.

"All of us are very frightened, right now," said Poff.

Poff said the Salvation Army has a large presence in Haiti, but the organization does not have the equipment they have back in the states. They plan to set up a field kitchen to provide food water and shelter as soon as possible.

Poff recommends people make donations to organizations like the Salvation Army if they want to help the people in Haiti.


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