Oberweis Dairy uses "unorthodox" tactics to lure job candidates

11:21 PM, Feb 5, 2010   |    comments
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By Ashley Yarchin

KSDK -- Even the company president is calling his own actions "unorthodox" after sending out an e-mail blast to all 200,000 contacts and customers.

At Oberweis Dairy, folks are looking at the glass half full in spite of the economy. With such a wide range of products comes the same sort of customer base, route sales manager Scott Reilson, said the company saw an opportunity.

"People are natural producers. You bring people in to be employed and they want to produce something within the company," Reilson said. "We're looking for dynamic people who aren't afraid of hard work."

Company President Joe Oberweis sent out an email last week asking all who patronize his business to pass it along, whether through social media or other means. They are looking to hire 100 full-time sales representatives.

"Everybody in the U.S. knows somebody out of work and we have the ability to reach out to people this way through viral networking," Reilson said.

"It was just a wonderful way to reach out and give back, and I know we were very thankful when that email came across Gateway to Hope," said Amber Mabie, who is the organization's program nurse manager.

Since the group arranges breast cancer care for those are either underinsured or don't have any coverage at all. Mabie passed the email along to 10 people.

"Our patients just very much want to create a better life for themselves and they're very proud, so this gives them the opportunity to do that," she said.

"We saw an opportunity to take care of our community," Reilson added.

With 50 resumes already stacked up on his desk, Reilson believes Oberweis is definitely quenching that thirst. All of the Oberweis Dairy jobs offer full benefits.  Those interested should e-mail salesjobs@oberweis.com.



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