Cell phone explodes and catches fire while charging

9:39 AM, Mar 10, 2010   |    comments
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Seffner, Florida-- A Bay area family is grateful no one was hurt after their Samsung cell phone exploded in the middle of the night without warning.

Sanja Roche says her SGH-T329 handset was sitting on the living room table when its battery exploded and caught fire around 2:00 a.m. on March 2nd. The family called 911 and Hillsborough County firefighters rushed to the home off State Road 527 in Seffner.

"They were in shock. They said they had never seen anything like that before," said Sonja Roche of the firefighters' reactions to the cell phone fire.

Roche says, most surprising of all, the phone was not even plugged in at the time of the explosion.

"You just cannot fathom what would cause that. It was not plugged in, but just sitting there on it's own. That doesn't happen."

Roche says she contacted her service provider, T-Mobile, but was told to contact the phone's manufacturer directly. After reaching Samsung, the customer relations department e-mailed the family a form to sign, releasing the company of all responsibility before they would mail a replacement.

Roche now says she's considering legal action, but is grateful things didn't turn out worse.

"To look at it, if that were in someone's hand, it would have done some serious damage. At least to the hand, if not the face," said Roche.

Samsung did not want to comment on the situation and would provide no information on the possible cause, or if incidents like this have been reported in the past.



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