Amanda Runyon fund-raiser helps pay medical bills

5:46 PM, Mar 27, 2010   |    comments
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The company known as Waste Management sponsored a fund-raiser for Amanda Runyon Saturday in the parking lot of Regions Bank in Belleville.

Amanda was beaten severely three weeks ago.  Investigators say her mother's boyfriend beat her repeatedly over the course of several days because the child would not stop crying.  Investigators say the beatings were so severe they affected her liver and intestines.  Kraig Monroe, 24, is charged with abuse in the case.  Amanda spent two weeks in the hospital.  Amanda's father, Eddie Runyon, has been granted full custody.

Saturday, Amanda's grandmother, Pam Runyon, said they were very grateful for all the support they have received.

"We told Amanda it was a party for her," said Pam.  "And she was ready to have a party.  And we're glad it is a celebration because she's doing so much better."

Pam's voice trailed off as it cracked with emotion.

"This is just fantastic," she said.  "We have had Waste Management and Regions working together.  My husband works for Waste Management, and Regions Bank in our hometown community has just been wonderful."

Pam talked about her granddaughter's prognosis.

"Her surgeon was just amazed at her recovery," she said.  Amanda was sitting on her lap playing with a lime-green wind chime.  "And we know that it's the power of prayer because there's been so many different churches having her on their prayer list, and individuals.  And the doctor did not expect this kind of a recovery.  We haven't been for her follow-up visit yet, so we don't know what the long-term prognosis is but we're hoping that physically she will be fine and that emotionally being around people that will protect her, that she'll heal from that as well."

Kenny Skaggs is a representative of Waste Management.

"Everything here has absolutely been donated," said Skaggs.  "Everything is just complete donations.  So they come up give any a dollar to 500 dollars. We've had some people come in and been very gracious."

A trust fund has been set up for Amanda at any area Regions Bank.


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