Jennifer Blome

2:40 PM, Feb 2, 2007   |    comments
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I started working at Channel 5 in 1979. I did the weekend weather and reported during the week. I had been trying to convince station management to let me do news full-time, when the blizzard of 1982 hit. I went home on a Saturday night after doing the 10 pm, and awakened to see 13 inches of snow on the ground Sunday morning. My car was buried in the driveway, so I dressed warmly and started walking to work. I figured I could make it 6 miles! Luckily, I saw a nice couple in an SUV, and they gave me a ride to Channel 5. It took over 2 hours to get there. I was the only person to show up, so I got to anchor the news and do the weather that night. The station then told me I could move to the news department full time as soon as a weather replacement was found. I was talking to my Mother on the phone about the situation, and she said "Honey, your brother is dating a girl who has a brother who does the weather in Lansing. You should call him." I did! His name was John Fuller. His sister and my brother married in 1985, and John and I have a nephew named Nate! So when you hear us talk about the NewsChannel 5 family, you know we mean it!

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