Crown Candy malt record still stands, but whose name goes on plaque?

2:57 PM, May 14, 2010   |    comments
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By Mike Owens

KSDK -- A follow up to our story Wednesday about a man who went into Crown Candy and consumed seven malts in less than 30 minutes.

The man told Andy Karandzieff, the co-owner of Crown Candy, that his name was Kevin Ross, of San Bernardino, California.

However, the blogosphere, specifically the website Punching Kitty, says that is not the case, and that's where this story takes a weirder turn; weirder than a man sucking down more than a gallon of liquid in a few minutes.

Kevin Ross is a champion eater, one of a select group of people who eat dozens of hot dogs or other foods for prize money.

Now, it turns out the "Kevin Ross" from the Crown Candy incident is not the same man.  Instead, bloggers say the man who was in Crown Candy sucking down the malts was Ben Monson, another famous eater, who is actually higher ranked in competitive eating circles than Ross.

A picture of "Kevin Ross" was posted on the Internet following our story, and bloggers say it is of Monson, not "Ross."

So why would a competitive eater try to hide his identity? Bloggers say it's all about competitive eating and arcane rules that limit heavy eating to actual contests, not freelancing.

"Ross" left Crown Candy before he could be interviewed, last seen walking down the street with a man and a woman. Karandzieff says he was "red in the face" after his feat.

Under the rules at Crown Candy, "Ross" will get his name on a plaque of others who sucked down lots of malts at one time. Karandzieff says the feat was so significant that "Ross" should get a plaque of his own and not just his name on the community plaque.


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