Clayton High graduate Andy Cohen hosts Bravo talk show 'Watch What Happens Live'

6:12 AM, May 20, 2010   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

KSDK -- It's going on Clayton High School grad Andy Cohen's eleventh hour at the office.

"This rug was from my guest room," Cohen points out.

Only now the office is a small studio in Soho, a place known as the Bravo Clubhouse.

"These encyclopedias back there are mine from growing up, they were in the basement in our house," Cohen adds.

It's also the set of his show 'Watch What Happens Live' and it's apparently been decorated much like his own apartment.  Look closely and you'll even see a Cardinals sticker, but by the time we get here, most of the hard work has been done.

There was a production meeting that even included a phone call back to St. Louis to his mom.

"Hey listen in the show tonight, I'm saying I often wished that Betty White was my mother," Cohen tells his mom.

"That's not nice," his mom says. "You don't like it?" Cohen asks.

And then a small change in the script is made.

"Okay so we have to rewrite that," Cohen says.

Then it was off to make-up.

"It could be the only make-up room with a disco ball," Cohen points out.

It's there where he not only was shaved, but had his eyebrows trimmed. A run through of the show follows and finally he greeted his guests Ellen Barkin and New Jersey Housewife, Caroline Manzo.

Then it was showtime.

"4,3,2,1 we're live!" someone shouts from behind the camera.

But the really interesting thing about all of this, is it sort of happened by accident.

"It came out of my writing a blog on the Bravo website and then I hosted an online show on and then we needed someone to host a 'Real Housewives reunion show and that's when everything changed for me and my boss said I'll give you a shot," Cohen explains.

That shot turned into a Thursday night show that brings in more than a million viewers and even allowed him to share the screen with Betty White.

However, truth be told Andy Cohen might just be fulfilling his destiny.

"Didn't you get talkative as your senior superlative?" Kari Vincent, a high school friend asks him.

Since apparently he has always been the talkative one.

Cohen will be in St. Louis to throw out the first pitch at the Cardinals game on Friday night.



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