7-year-old unknowingly spends $1,200 on iTunes

9:36 AM, May 27, 2010   |    comments
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NBC -- Many of you have logged on to iTunes and downloaded music, movies and games.

Some are free but others come with a fee.

Recently, a north Florida man got quite the surprise when iTunes charged him $1200.

He thought his 7-year-old was playing a free fishing game, but everything wasn't free.

Frank Mendez had on his iPhone a free application called Tap Fish. He says its a game for kids.

Since it is free he allowed his seven-year-old to play the game on his phone.

The game allows you to take care of a fish tank by cleaning it, feeding the fish, but if you want more fish, you have to pay up.

Mendez says in May his debit card was charged $613 for bundles of fish
"I'm aware I have to pay for that, but I think they're taking advantage of the innocence of the kid," Mendez says now.

And while he was in the process of contesting the charges, Mendez says his card was hit with another charge of $613.

"They're gonna refund us $450. We're okay with that."

The second round of charges appear to be fraud and are now being investigated by his bank. But Mendez has deleted the game and his iPhone is off limits to his children.

He wants other parents to be careful with games that carry the label "free."


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