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There is more to do at the Arch than travel to the top. Hop on your bike or grab your walking shoes for a "Stoll with the Rangers."


It's a new way to tour the Arch grounds. "Strolling with a Ranger" is a 30 minute walk that takes you from one leg of the arch to the other.


"People really like it, it's just a small group, it's just a few people so you get more of a personal touch. You can make a more immediate connection with people because you can find out what they are really interested in," says Don Rusk, a National Park Ranger.


You can expect to learn little known facts about the Arch and hear some interesting stories behind it.


"'It's a lot of fun and I think its a nice surprise to most people that take the time to come down and experience it but I think they usually get more out of it then they were expecting to," says Rusk.


You'll find out "The Arch" is not the official name. It's actually the Jefferson National

Expansion Memorial.


The guides will also explain the first President of the United States was not the first

President of St. Louis. 'When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as President, the United States stopped on that side of the river this was a different country"


Tours are also offered on bikes every Saturday at 9 a.m. Starting at the boats on the Riverfront, you can take a four mile ride up the riverfront trail to Mary Meechum Freedom Crossing, which is an underground railroad site.


The Riverfront trail is newly restored and the guides have lots to talk about on the path.


"Along the way we make stops to talk about some of the things we are looking at on the trail and on the river and we also talk about some of the tings that made St. Louis important like the commerce that happened here as well as slavery in St. Louis and river ecology." Says Carl Schumacher, National Park Ranger


Visitors can rent a bike or bring their own. Both bike and walking tours are free.


Schumacher says these tours are unlike any other Arch experience. "It's a different view point down on the Riverfront on the trail you get to see things that you normally would not see unless you are riding on a bike." Carl says.



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