July 14, 1964: Protesters chain themselves to Arch construction

2:25 PM, Jul 12, 2010   |    comments
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KSDK -- Civil rights activists Percy Green and Richard Daly spent four hours protesting on a ladder 100 feet up the north leg of the Gateway Arch 46 years ago this Wednesday.

They were protesting for more jobs for African-Americans as other civil rights demonstrators marched around the leg of the Arch.

Superintendant of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Richard Gregg, chased away the civil rights supporters while Assistant Superintendant, Leroy Brown, tried to persuade the two men to come down. Workmen continued to use the elevator that ran alongside the stairway despite the interference.

Finally they gave up, exhausted by their efforts and climbed down. Green lay on the ground while Daly, in sunglasses, lounged against the Arch. St. Louis police arrived on the scene and put Green in the cruiser on a stretcher next to Daly. Both men were jailed and released on $50 bonds.


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