Miracle cancer cure: Rachel Lozano says prayer helped cure her of terminal cancer

9:59 PM, Jul 16, 2010   |    comments
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  • Rachel Lozano
  • Rachel Lozano

KSDK -- A very rare and unique prayer service took place Friday night at Our Lady of the Pillar Church in Creve Coeur.

It marked the end of an archdiocese investigation into a woman's alleged miracle cure for cancer, whose story could be declared a miracle by the pope.

Rachel Lozano believes she was cured of cancer after a pilgrimage to Rome 10 years ago. That claim of a miracle lead to an investigation by a Catholic tribunal.

"I have been very impressed with the process and the all the people I met in Rome and in the United States," Lozano said.

Lozano was part of a group of St. Louisans who traveled to Rome for a beatification ceremony for the founder of the Society of Mary: Father William Joseph Chaminade. Lozano prayed for his intercession and care, but she returned home with bad news. Doctors said her cancer was terminal. However, when they went to remove a third tumor, doctors found it was dead and they could not offer any medical explanation.

"I think it is just a great inspiration and a source of hope for people," Lozano said.

Now that the St. Louis Archdiocese investigation is complete, the findings will be sent to the Vatican in Rome.

If it is deemed a miracle, it will be the final step toward Chaminade becoming a saint.


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