Tea Party coloring book

10:14 PM, Sep 23, 2010   |    comments
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  • Tea Party Coloring Book
  • Tea Party Coloring Book
  • Tea Party Coloring Book
  • Wayne Bell.

By Ashley Yarchin

Fenton, MO (KSDK) -- Controversy surrounds a new children's coloring book that some say wasn't made for kids at all, but rather right-winged adults.  However, the Clayton-based creator says the Tea Party coloring book is selling and fast.

"It's a very popular little book, excuse the unshaven face," said Wayne Bell, the founder of Clayton-based Really Big Coloring Books. "It's been a lot of long hours the last few days."

Bell, who wrote the Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids from cover to cover, claims it's about freedom, liberty and faith-the fundamentals-teaching its readers about the Boston Tea Party, writing to Washington, and how a bill becomes a law.

And things like how government-run healthcare "cannot be the only choice" and we should only "spend money with people that are friends of America."

"It looks fine," said Bill Neukum, a St. Louis Tea Party member. "Having the Tea Party name on it, and I guess if you're trying to tie it to the present day Tea Party movement, that's fine with me."

When asked if he was a member of the Tea Party, Bell responded, "I'm a salesman, okay, first and foremost. I sell coloring books for crying out loud."

Even though the demand for the Tea Party coloring book requires new copies to be printed every day, many folks just aren't buying Bell's party line.

"I think it's inappropriate," said Michael Davis, a St. Louis-area Coffee Party organizer. "I really question whether it's even targeted at children. There's not a lot of coloring activities."

But Bell has been peddling the book nationwide and said even his biggest buyer disagrees. He explained that a military branch of the federal government bought 3,000 copies for kids.

"But then again, the Army has also had Rush Limbaugh on their Armed Forces Network while not having anybody from the opposite side, so we can't say that this is a new development," David said.

What Davis does say, though, is that a more balanced book should follow up this one, if Bell and his Fenton manufacturer can find the time.

The books are being sold online and are retailing for around $5. Bell said none of the money goes to the Tea Party nor has he ever made a donation to the group.

When asked about a Coffee Party coloring book, Bell said he hadn't heard of them but would be delighted to make one.



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