Willie Reed Jr. talks about allegations, suspension from SLU

7:43 PM, Oct 14, 2010   |    comments
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By Ann Rubin

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) -- The St. Louis University basketball team will start the season without two star players.

Days after their suspension from school, one of them is speaking out about the allegations against him, the punishment, and why he won't return to school.

Willie Reed Jr. wants to make one thing clear.

"There was no sexual contact with me at all," Reed said.

There had been allegations of sexual assault made by a fellow student last spring. Prosecutors declined to press charges. But the school has its own disciplinary process.

Two of the students present at the time of the alleged incident have since left the school. But Reed and Billikens teammate Kwamain Mitchell were granted a joint hearing in mid-September.

"I just felt that it was wrong because they were putting me in a category with people who actually did something when I did nothing at all," Reed said.

"We weren't allowed to be there as his parents," said Willis Reed Sr. "The young lady's parents were there. She had an attorney."

Following an appeal, Reed says the school dropped any allegations of sexual assault. But he was told he still violated the code of conduct.

"They gave me harassment because they said I could have intimidated her by being tall and made her scared," Reed said. "They gave me improper conduct as a student because they said I could have helped her out. I did nothing to help her whatsoever."

Both players received the same punishment: suspension for the rest of the semester and a required written apology.

Billiken's coach Rick Majerus said starting the season without them will be tough.

"We've got to play with the players that are here, not the ones we wish were here," Majerus said.

Kwamain Mitchell's image still graces billboards around town. His attorney John Rogers released a statement today saying that he "consistently maintained that he did nothing that would warrant suspension from the University."

Still, Rogers said he would be "surprised if Kwamain did not attempt to re-enroll at St. Louis University after January 1."

'Free Willie' was the chant on campus today with some students demanding action.

But Willie Reed said he won't be back. He was released from his scholarship Thursday afternoon.

"It's not a possibility for me, no," he said. "I'm going to meet with the coaches and get a release to weigh my options at other schools."

His father adds, "Yes, we're very confident we'll be able to find another school where he can basically have a fresh start, start over, continue his life. We're not worried about career, his life."

Reed's father said he's disappointed by the disciplinary process and plans to file a lawsuit.

NewsChannel 5's calls to the female student's attorney were not returned.


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