Creve Coeur passes smoking ban

9:03 PM, Nov 8, 2010   |    comments
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Creve Coeur, Mo. (KSDK) -- Creve Coeur City Council voted unanimously to approve a smoking ban that closes some loopholes in the ban recently approved in St. Louis County.

The votes were cast Monday night before a room of about 50 people, some for and some against.

The new ordinance says that no one can smoke in any place of employment or a company vehicle.  Smoking in public meetings is not allowed, nor is smoking on a sidewalk or other open area within 15 feet of a place of employment, public place or public meeting.

Private residences, bars, private clubs, tobacco stores and cigar bars are exempt. 

Two organizations were grandfathered out of the ban:  The Creve Coeur American Legion Hall and the Elks Club.  The sponsor of the bill, councilwoman Beth Kistner, believed the grandfathering of those clubs would help the bill pass.

Veterans were happy with the decision to do so.  "Veterans were exposed to Agent Orange and asbestos and now you want to save us from second-hand smoke?  We should protect our veterans' rights and their ability to have smoking in their Legion hall," said veteran Arder Jordan regarding the bill.

The ban will take effect January 2, the same day the county ban goes into effect.

Creve Coeur smoking ban - Read the bill 




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