Dangerous drug still legal and available at St. Louis stores

10:49 PM, Nov 18, 2010   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) -- It's toxic, it's harmful and it can be fatal. That's the word from the St. Louis County medical examiner's office after taking a look at new drug now on the market and still legal.

Wednesday NewsChannel 5 sent an intern named Mark into Nights of Rave Smoke Sensations on Page Avenue in Overland. In two minutes, 31 seconds, without being carded, without being warned of its effects, Mark had bought what's branded here as Starry Nights, elsewhere as Ivory Wave, and in other places Ivory Coast, Purple Wave or Vanilla Sky.

But don't forget what we told you they call it at the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office.

Dr. Christopher Long said after learning about the powder substance marketed as bath salts, he brought it into the lab, and tests showed it doesn't have a single ingredient written on the package, but rather:

"One was lidocaine, which you've probably had if you've had any dental work or tooth extracted and the other was pyrovalerone, which is not controlled, although its derivative is controlled," explained Dr. Long.

He said the high from snorting the powder is addictive, unpredictable, can keep you up for days and last even longer. It can cause a stroke, heart problems and has been linked to suicide, including one in St. Joseph, Missouri.

So, NewsChannel 5 went back into the head shop on Page Avenue and asked the store clerk if he thought the substance should be banned:

"I can't answer that question. Is it harming anybody? I don't know."

And the fear is that lack of education about this new drug there and elsewhere, may lead to someone taking the next dangerous dose.

Investigators in St. Joseph tell NewsChannel 5 that after the most recent death of a 29-year-old - who was said to have been addicted to Ivory Wave - the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association began working on legislation to have it listed as a controlled substance.

























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