Mother furious at school after her son stapled to wall in class

10:35 PM, Dec 13, 2010   |    comments
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Mary Koch.

CNN -- Bullying goes so far in one Texas classroom, a mother says her son was stapled to a wall. And she blames the teacher, because nothing was done to stop it.

A student pinned to the wall with a staple gun. Mary Koch says this is what happened to her 14-year-old son last week and that it all took place during his fifth period class.

"I'm mad because he's supposed to be there. They are supposed to protect him. They weren't doing that," Koch said. "If that nail gun would have gotten out of place, he could have gotten hurt or he could have gotten killed."

Koch says she knows some of her son's classmates took cell phone footage of the incident, which has been confiscated by the district. But she says no one there did anything to help her son, including the teacher.

"And to find out that the teacher saw him walking across the room without a shirt and didn't even question him why he wasn't wearing a shirt really made me angry," she said. "It bothered me really bad that he didn't even do anything about it."

And Koch says this was not the first bullying incident that took place during that same class period, but that her son, who does not want to be identified, was too embarrassed to come forward. She says he's been hung up and tied up before, but after this last incident, he reported his injuries to a school nurse, who then called her.

"I'm going to file charges. That's unacceptable to happen to a child or to anybody and I'm going to make sure it stops," Koch said.

And administrators here at Carrizo Springs did not want to go on camera, but they did say that the incident is under investigation and that the students involved have been disciplined and placed in an alternative school.

Meanwhile, the teacher has been placed on administrative leave.


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