Deer rescue on icy Mississippi - New picture of rescued deer

4:30 PM, Dec 20, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Deer rescued from icy Mississippi

  • Photo Courtesy: Morning Sentinel
  • Photo Courtesy, Bryan Hunt Morning Sentinel
  • Photo Courtesy: Bryan Hunt Morning Sentinel

Centralia, Ill. (KSDK) -- We have new pictures of one of two deer rescued off an ice floe on the Mississippi River Friday.

The deer has been temporarily placed with Pam and Rodney Starr in rural Centralia, Illinois.  Pam Starr said the deer, a female whitetail, stood up once Monday and seemed sort of skittish, but other than that it has been lying in its straw-filled enclosure, and is not afraid of anyone that comes near it.

The photographer said the deer watched him while he took pictures but didn't try to come closer or move away.   Its caretakers believe the deer was probably dehydrated, tired and partially traumatized by its experience, which might explain its reluctance to move about just yet. 

Deer rescue - NEW PHOTOS

Three men risked their lives on Friday to save two deer trapped on the frozen Mississippi in Godfrey, Illinois.

The deer had been stuck on the ice since Wednesday and were having difficulty moving because of the slippery ice.

Pilot Bill Houska used a helicopter to blow the smaller deer off the ice.

Ben Staurowsky, 83, and Todd Thompson, who strapped on some skis, ventured out onto the ice to rescue the second deer The men were able to put a rope on the deer and drag it to the shore.

Three heroes rescue deer from icy Mississippi - Read more about them here 



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