911 tapes released after death at Busch home

6:13 AM, Dec 27, 2010   |    comments
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Video: 911 tapes released after death at Busch home

  • Adrienne Martin
  • Adrienne Martin

(Huntleigh) KSDK-- A week after the girlfriend of August Busch IV was found dead in his home, Frontenac Police have released the 911 call from the incident.

According to the medical examiner, there were no obvious signs of trauma or disease, and it will take up to six weeks for toxicology results.

In the meantime, those that knew Adrienne Martin hope she'll be remembered for more than who she dated. They hope she'll be remembered for the great friend and devoted mother that she was.

Friend, Heather Highfield says, "She was a beautiful girl but she was a lot more than that. She was a mother and she loved her son. And I think she was looking forward to a very bright future."

That future was cut short last Sunday.

Adrienne Martin, 27, was found dead at the home of her boyfriend, former Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV.

Now Frontenac Police have released the 911 call from that day.

It was made by Michael Jung, a member of Busch's household staff. The time of the call was 1:12 p.m.

Jung: "This girl is not waking up."

911 Operator: "Is she breathing? We don't know. It's dark. I'm going to get a light to see."

Busch was home at the time. His attorney says he's distraught.

Attorney Art Margulis says, "He's very very upset. Very disturbed."

Martin and Busch had been dating for a year. And according to her family and friends, he was the love of her life.

Highfield says, "She was starting a new chapter in her life. She had just gone through a divorce and she was ready to start things over again."

Martin's brief foray into modeling was long over. Friends say she was pursuing a masters degree in Art Therapy Counseling, was preparing to move into a new condo, and was starting a new job at Pluvius, a company that provides services for renewable energy investors.

Highfield says, "She was a very intelligent person. She was kind of a deep private person but she was very very smart. She had a passion for working with kids."

And most of all friends say she was a devoted mother, the kind of person who volunteered as a room mother at school and spent weeks planning her son's birthday party.

Her former neighbor Patty Becker says, "She was really bubbly and she was always with her son Blake." She adds, "She just seemed to be a really good mom."

And now friends say they're grieving, not just for what they've lost, but for what 8-year old Blake has lost too.

Highfield says, "He's lost his mother right before Christmas and there's no greater tragedy than that."

A fund for Blake Martin has been established at Liberty Bank, 2523 W. Republic Road in Springfield, Missouri.

A celebration of life service for Adrienne Martin is set for Thursday, also in her hometown of Springfield.


























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