Sports team catches heat over halftime lap dance

9:07 AM, Jan 18, 2011   |    comments
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Boston Blazers lacrosse mascot

BOSTON (NBC) -- A Boston sports team caught some heat Monday over what some are calling a racy halftime show.

Saturday afternoon, the Boston Blazers lacrosse team had their first home game of the season. The Blazers won the game, but that's not why people are talking.

Some parents are upset about the entertainment during the intermission.

Eric Jones shot video at the game and posted it on YouTube. The clip shows the team's mascot, Scorch, sitting on a chair getting lap dances.

"I was saying to myself - what is going on?" said Jones. "Something doesn't seem right. And then I'm seeing them doing the lap dance it's like this is not going to turn out too good."

Three young women competed to see who could give the best lap dance. The video shows young boys taking it all in.

"I'm hearing the crowd booing. I'm seeing parents with their kids leaving, storming out," said Jones.

Fans vented on the team's Facebook page. Karen wrote, "Time for a change in your organization. A mascot is for getting the crowd involved. Not for R-rated entertainment."

Samantha wrote, "Very, very inappropriate."

The host for Blazers in-game entertainment is Cory Hill, but goes by the DJ name Hustle Simmons.

The Blazers refused 7NEWS' request for an interview, but the team's general manager released a statement:

"The Boston Blazers halftime act for Saturday's game was clearly not executed according to plan. We are extremely disappointed with elements of the halftime show...We have already taken steps to ensure this never happen again."

Parents talking their children to the Celtics game Monday said teams should put on family-friendly entertainment.

"Just keep in mind that there could be little kids," said parent Kimberly Waters.

Blazers management said through DJ Hustle Simmons works as an on-air personality at JAMN 94.5. The station had nothing to do with the promotion.

Simmons issued an apology Monday.

The Blazers president and general manager said the team would offer 2,000 free tickets to next Saturday's game as a show of the team's commitment to famly entertainment.


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