Stan "The Man" Musial among baseball elite in Cooperstown

8:34 AM, Feb 10, 2011   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - St. Louis Cardinal Stan "The Man" Musial was inducted into the Baseball Hall of fame in Cooperstown, as a first ballot entry in 1969.

The slugger was named to 12 All-Star teams and had a lifetime batting average of .331.

"Talent, perhaps the most talented ballplayer, ever had the privilege of seeing" Baseball broadcaster Harry Caray said to describe Musial. "And talent, not only because he could hit the ball, he could run like the devil, he was great defensively.  He didn't have the greatest throwing arm in the world, but as he got older, his arm got stronger. He was close to the epitome of overall baseball skill."

Those skills, led Musial to a plaque inside the games most hallowed ground of Cooperstown. For some who join Musial in the plaque gallery, this is where the honor ends, but not for Stan Musial.

Just around the corner, from the Gas House Gang Exhibit, an entire wall, mostly dedicated to the greatest Cardinal of them all. He is, after all, Stan "The Man," and you can't tell baseball history without exploring in-depth the great achievements of Musial.

Built into the wall is yet another special honor for Musial. It is a locker display in the Hall of Fame, which means one thing - you're big time. Such displays are found in the Hall, representing other notable names as Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio.

Musial's inclusion within this group speaks for itself.

A guy who, from everything from his corkscrew stance to the way he played the game won legions of fans. If you talk to people from the last 50 years in this country, you'd be hard pressed to find an argument of Stan "The Man" not being considered one of the greatest players of the last 100 years, in baseball, among fans of the last half century.

Musial's impact has spanned generations. A very wildly popular figure, well outside of St. Louis, obviously beloved in Cardinal Nation, but a great player who played the game, had all five tools. There were very few things that Musial could not do.


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