Police question Coleman about deaths, affair

12:42 PM, Apr 27, 2011   |    comments
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Video: Justin Barlow arrives at Monroe County courthouse

Video: Coleman jurors continue to watch taped interview

A video of Christopher Coleman's interview with police plays in the darkened courtroom. In this segment, Coleman explains how he got some marks on his arm. (Credit: Dan Martin/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
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  • Waterloo, Ill (KSDK) --  Murder suspect Chris Coleman showed mixed emotions while detectives interviewed him shortly after the murders of his wife and two children.

    For the second day jurors watched the taped interview detective conducted at the Columbia, Illinios Police Department in May 2009. Chris was seen crying, especially when he was by himself. Over the course of several hours, there were times when he chuckled and times when he showed little emotion.

    Detectives asked him about his marriage to Sheri and he said it was a good relationship, but they had talked about a divorce in November and December 2008. He said they told his boss Televangelist Joyce Meyer and got counseling.

    He told investigators he thought they had a healthy relationship and that they had not argued the night before the murders. He called it "an awesome night, last night."

    Coleman denied having a relationship with anyone else, but said he was talking with Tara Lintz, whom he said was a friend.

    He described how Sheri felt about Lintz, of Florida.

    "She was probably a little jealous here and there," Coleman said on the tape. "She told me one time when I was going to Florida, to stay away from her."

    Coleman told detectives the scratches and markings he had on his arms he got a few days prior to the murders and others when he hit the gurney in the ambulance after learning about the murders.

    Detectives asked Coleman what he thought happened (as to the murders). Coleman said "I don't have a clue, I wish I knew, I should have been there this morning."

    Detectives told Coleman they were having trouble piecing everything together, so Coleman advised them to check for forensics, the cameras, and the DVR. It was revealed during previous hearings that the DVR was missing.

    When detectives asked Coleman what he thought should happen to the person who committed the murders, Coleman said "put away, I can't even imagine..my head is spinning."

    Detectives told Coleman they didn't feel like he was being honest and was not telling them something. They told him that physical evidence showed Sheri and their sons, Gavin and Garrett, were not alive before Chris left for the gym at 5:43 a.m.

    "Yes they were," Coleman responded. "I don't know what to tell you...I'm telling you the truth."

    Detectives continued to press Coleman and he told them he was telling the truth.

    "I told you everything I got...I'm not going to make something up to make you happy," Coleman said.

    Coleman also told detectives again that he was not having an affair with Lintz. That's when detectives walked out of the room. When they returned, they told Coleman that Lintz spoke with police in Florida and told them about the affair, the trip to Hawaii and that he was planning on leaving Sheri.

    Coleman then told investigators, "I don't want to upset my dad. Sheri didn't know."

    The jury then broke for lunch.

    The jury is made up of 10 women and two men. They were selected in Pinckneyville, Illinois and are being bused 50 minutes each way for the trial.

    NewsChannel 5's Ryan Dean and Casey Nolen are at the trial and are tweeting updates about the case @ksdknews.


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