Chris Coleman to appeal guilty verdict

1:12 PM, May 10, 2011   |    comments
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Waterloo, Ill (KSDK) -- The defense team for Chris Coleman, 34, say they plan to appeal Thursday's guilty verdict. Part of the appeal could relate to how the jury decided Coleman was guilty.

NewsChannel 5 was able to speak at length with two jurors, Kim Ferrari and a male juror who did not want to be identified.

The male juror discussed what it was like trying to reach a guilty verdict.  For much of the nearly 15 hours of deliberation, he said the jury was deadlocked, with seven saying guilty, five saying there was more reasonable doubt than they were comfortable with.

"When you look at something like that it just proves that there are people in the world that will do cruel, horrible things to other people," Ferrari said.  "And in this case it was just hard to believe that a father would do that to his own children."

Ferrari said it only took about two days of testimony to convince her that Chris Coleman was guilty of strangling his wife and two sons in their beds of their Columbia, Illinois home.

Ferrari said while the crime scene photos were shocking, it was Coleman's six hour taped interview with investigators that, for her, proved to be the most damning.

"I don't think that he showed the emotion that somebody should feel knowing that their two sons and wife had just been murdered," Ferrari said.  "I just don't think that his reactions were appropriate."

The unnamed male juror was one of the five who were unwilling to vote guilty at first.  He said it was three pieces of evidence that changed his and the four other jurors' minds: three photos, one was a framed photo of Coleman and his mistress, another was of them kissing and the third was an explicit photo Coleman sent to Tara Lintz.

The last two, he said, were dated October 2008, before Coleman and Lintz said their affair began.  The juror said catching them in that lie was enough to push all 12 over the edge and to a guilty verdict.

He also said he didn't remember those October dates from the prosecution's case, but that they saw the dates on the photos.

Defense attorney, Bill Margulis says the jury's decision will be reviewed and could possibly be part of the appeal.



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