Local food pantries see drop in donations in light of the increase in the Joplin donations.

6:07 PM, Jun 23, 2011   |    comments
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By Talia Kaplan

Valley Park, MO (KSDK) - Many in our area have been generously donating to the victims of the Joplin tornado. Meanwhile, local food pantries say they don't have enough supplies to meet the increasing demand.

A local food pantry manager is asking people not to forget about those in need who live here. Even people who constantly come to food pantries for help are noticing the decrease.

"Back here the supply is a little low. Usually it is really full," said Jessica Bell of Creve Coeur.

"We have no pasta and no breakfast cereal. At this time of year these shelves should be full because we are expecting a record number of people to keep coming to us all summer," said Glenn Koenen, Circle of Concern's General Manager.

He says donations have dropped 30 percent in the past month. He thinks donations are down because people here are helping out the victims of the tornado that tore through Joplin.

Coupled with the hurting economy, Koenen says it is a recipe for disaster.

Circle of Concern feeds 700 families a month, that's 120,000 pounds of food, and he's worried the food pantry won't be able to meet the growing demand. He says the same thing happened after Hurricane Katrina and 911.

"We need to take care of our families in our own backyard as well as helping out our neighbors down in Joplin. What's really scary right now is that a lot of families are having a rough time and they are not getting a whole lot of attention because all the attention is down in Joplin. But here in St. Louis, we have families who haven't had jobs in two years, we are meeting people who don't have food for their kids," said Koenen.

Circle of Concern is not the only food pantry dealing with this problem.

If you would like to help the food pantry call (636)8612623 or go to www.circleofconcern.org.



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