Pattie Bigbee pleads no contest in Florida grandchilds sale

7:43 AM, Jun 27, 2011   |    comments
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Daytona Beach, Florida (KSDK)--  A former Hazelwood Missouri woman has pleaded 'no contest' to charges of selling her infant grandchild in Florida.

46 year old Pattie Bigbee of Holly Hill Florida entered her plea last week in Volusia County.  Sentencing for Bigbee is scheduled for August 11th.

Court records show Bigbe entered her plea to two counts of illegal sale of a child and using a cellular telephone to commit a crime.

Bigbee was a million dollar Missouri Lottery winner in 2008 before moving to the Sunshine state.  Officials say less than two years later, Bigbee was broke.

That's when police say Bigbee concocted a plan to sell her eight week old grandson to a Florida couple for $75,000 and eventually agreeing to a price of $30,000 with undercover police detectives.

Bigbee planned to sell her daughters baby; Bigbee's grandchild, before lying to her daughter about the sale price and keeping the majority of the proceeds herself. 

Bigbee later agreed to give her daughter $9000 so she could buy a new car. 

23 year old Stephanie Bigbee-Davis pleaded guilty in March to her role in the crime and was sentenced to a two year prison term.

The baby is now under the supervision of Florida foster care officials.

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