Nevada prostitutes support Ron Paul

9:14 PM, Jan 13, 2012   |    comments
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Rep. Ron Paul. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

By Elizabeth Cohen

Lyon County, NV (KRNV/CNN) - Prostitutes in Nevada are among those supporting Ron Paul in his race for the White House.

Ron Paul's met a lot of his supporters, but he probably hasn't met these women, and they love him.

"If a client comes into the Bunny Ranch and says 'I'm Pimpin for Paul,' they are going to have a real good time," said Dennis Hof, owner of The Bunny Ranch.

If the presidential election was held today, there's no question who would win here. The prostitutes at this legal brothel have a Pimping for Paul campaign because Paul supports their right to make their living this way.

Prostitution is legal in 16 counties in Nevada. Prostitutes, or working girls as they prefer to be called, say this helps protect their health. First, they have the right to reject any customer they don't like.

They ask the men to drop their pants and look for signs of sexually transmitted diseases.

"At that point, you know, you say honey there's a little something here that I'm concerned about. I don't know that it would be in both of our best interests to party here today, why don't you go to a doctor and get that checked out," said "Cami," a prostitute at The Love Ranch.

Second, every customer has to use a condom every time, by law.

[Reporter]: "If a guy says to you, hey, a couple hundred bucks if I don't have to use one of these, what do you say to him?"

"No, sorry. Even if it's thousands and thousands of dollars, I still look at it my health that's involved. I don't know where this guy has been," said "Morgan," another prostitute at The Love Ranch.

And thirdly, the working girls get checked regularly for sexually transmitted diseases.

The Nevada Department of Epidemiology says in more than 30 years there's never been a single case of HIV among legal prostitutes in Nevada, but their jobs have come under attack by federal officials.

The working girls want to keep the federal government out of their business, so they're asking customers to donate to Paul's campaign on their way out the door. They've raised $587 and they're pimping for more.

The Bunny Ranch tells CNN they tried to give the money to the Ron Paul campaign directly, but it wouldn't accept the money.

They advised the brothel to give it to a PAC instead that supports Paul.

CNN reached out to Paul's campaign and didn't get a response.


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