Annkesha Welch sentenced for role in ATM Solutions robbery

11:46 AM, Apr 2, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - A woman who handled stolen money in the high-dollar heist of ATM Solutions was sentenced to more than a year in prison.

Thirty-one-year-old Annkesha Welch pleaded guilty in January to one felony count of transportation of stolen property and will spend the next 18 months in federal prison.

In the early morning hours of August 2, 2010, four men, each armed with a firearm, forced their way inside of the ATM Solutions building on Grandel Square in Midtown. The men announced a robbery, took the weapons belonging to two guards and tied them up after forcing them to help put the money into an ATM van.

The robbers decided to steal the ATM van as well, drove that vehicle to a garage on Page Avenue, and emptied the van.

One of the people involved in the transportation of the stolen money, 24-year-old Candi Goodson, drove to the home of her mother, 50-year-old Cathy Goodson, with some of the stolen cash and an accomplice in tow. Cathy Goodson agreed to keep the money at her house for a couple of days. A few days later, Candi Goodson returned to her mother's home with her initial accomplice, Latunya Wright, along with Annkesha Welch and James Wright.

Candi Goodson and Annkesha Welch were each promised $3,000 for their assistance.

The money was counted and placed in freezer bag bundles of $20,000 and then hidden in a storage container. Wright had the money taken to Texas and buried. Wright, Welch and Candi Goodson drove to Texas and then to Atlanta, Georgia with the stolen money and placed it in a storage locker.

The FBI later recovered all the stolen money.

When later interviewed by the FBI, Cathy Goodson lied about her involvement in hiding the money.

Co-defendant Candi Goodson pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to transport stolen property. Cathy Goodson pleaded guilty to one felony count of lying to a federal agent. They'll be sentenced on April 9.

One of the original robbers, Larry Newman, received a share of the stolen money and was told he would be given more at a later time. In November, Newman contacted fellow robber Myron Kimble and another man, Marrion Dotson, to help him get more of that stolen money.

The three men concocted a plan to kidnap two young girls connected to someone involved in the robbery and hold them for ransom. Ultimately, one girl was released unharmed and Kimble agreed to exchange the other girl for $15,000. Kimble attempted to deliver the girl but was scared off by a passing motorist and fled. He was pursued by police, crashed his vehicle and escaped. The young girl was rescued and unharmed.

Kimble was sentenced to 26 years and 7 months in prison.

Newman was sentenced to 294 months in prison.

Two other co-defendants, John Wesley Jones and Ryechine Money, previously pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 32 and 19.5 years, respectively.

One of the architects of the high-dollar heist, 25-year-old Hussein Odeh of Jordan, admitted to helping plan the ATM Solutions robbery and accompanied one of the robbers to conduct surveillance prior to the robbery. After the heist, Odeh drove some of the stolen money to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in an effort to hide the cash. He was sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison.


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