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Photo Courtesy Jennifer Lavelle

Katrina went under the big top with Cavalia.  She spent the morning with Katie ... one of the two-legged stars of the show.

Katrina learned so much about the 48 horses in the show and she was even able to run one through a rehearsal.

This very smart 14-year-old is in gifts program at her school.  She is in the middle of writing a book.  She's up to page 300 and is trying to figure out what era to put it in.  "It's a mid-evil kinda thing.  I'm having a little trouble with it because I don't know what year to put it in.  I don't want to use the Shakespeare language, but I want them to wear armor."

Katrina wants a forever family.  "It's important so you know that every single day they are always going to be there all the time. It's not going to be one month I'm talking to one family and the next month I'm talking to another family.  It's easier because they are there for you all the time.  A family will encourage you. They would be proud for you anytime you did something good."

This spunky teen also has a little wish. She would like to spend the day at Six Flags. 

If would you like to learn more about becoming part of Katrina's life or granting her little wish, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800-FOSTER3.

A very special thank you to Cavalia for giving Katrina the VIP tour. This amazing show extended its run  through April 16th. For ticket and show information, please visit www.cavalia.net.


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