Middle school students start anti-bullying club at school

8:17 AM, May 11, 2012   |    comments
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Credit: AP/file.

By Dana Dean

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Our special on bullying makes us all wonder how the epidemic will ever come to an end. But two students in the Parkway School District are working hard toward that goal.

"We counted in a day how many times we saw bullying. And we lost count at like 53. And the thing is, we knew at that point, that we needed to stop it," said Northeast Middle School eighth-grader Joey Goldman.

That's all it took for Joey Goldman and Meghan Mudd to start, what they hope will be, a revolution.

"We realized bullying doesn't just happen at Northeast but it happens at all schools. So we decided that we are going to start a club," Goldman said.

"We're going to teach them bullying and what it is and how to not be a bystander," Mudd said.

Their club, named Zero Conflict, started with a slogan.

"Stop it before it starts. Because that's what we need to do," Goldman said.

Though bullying is no joke, Joey and Meghan aren't afraid to have a sense of humor.

"My people made this, cause I have people," he said.

In addition to a logo for the anti-bullying club, they had some t-shirts made.

"We have a guy for everything. T-shirts, anything you can think of. I've got my connections," Goldman said.

Joey and Meghan have done their homework on bullying and know exactly who should be in their club.

"There are four people in a bullying situation. The victim, the bully, the bystander and the ally. We want all four in our group," said Goldman.

Mudd added, "People are afraid to make a change because they are afraid they will be the only one standing up. So, if we can stand up then more people will be standing up along with us."

Now that they think they have a way to put the brake on the "B" word, it's getting an "A" from educators. These young minds have caught the attention of those ready to change old ways.

"We have a bunch of different school districts who have come to us and said we want to hear about this. And they were fighting about who gets to hear about it first," said Meghan. Joey added, "But you know what, Parkway comes first."

Joey and Meghan always seem to be looking at the road ahead. Joey said, "I mean me and Meghan we're going up to the high school. We're not going to be here next year. But we want to leave something behind, our legacy."

And already, the affects of their club, Zero Conflict, have multiplied.

There are now about 500 students involved in 20 anti-bullying clubs in St. Louis area schools. It's all thanks to Joey and Meghan.




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