St. Louis Rams Edward Jones Dome plans made public

11:11 AM, May 14, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) -- The public got its first glimpse of the St. Louis' Rams wish list for upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome Monday morning.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster made the plans public, despite the team wanting to keep them private.  Koster let the team and the dome's landlord, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, know that he was planning to do this on May 14, unless a judge said otherwise.

The proposed changes to the dome include a 'natural light' setting, with an operable roof panel and a glazed building envelope.

The Rams also want the dome's new design to allow at least 6,000 additional seats (72,000 total) in order to accomodate an NFL Super Bowl event in the future.

The proposed design would make the dome First Tier for viewing NFL games, but will still be able to accomodate conventions, trade shows, concerts, NCAA basketball, and soccer events.

The CVC estimates the total cost of the changes will be greater than $700 million.

The Rams wanted to keep the details private stating it had a confidentiality agreement in place with the CVC.

Many St. Louis-area news organizations, including KSDK, felt the dome plans should be made public because public funds were used to build the dome and will likely be used to pay for the upgrades.

The CVC's $124-million proposed plan released in February, calls for new paneling to let in natural light, a new jump screen, among other things.

The Rams rejected the proposal and submitted their own.

If the two sides can't come to terms, the process goes to arbitration in June.

The Rams can break their lease after the 2014 season if the dome is not deemed to be among the top tier of NFL stadiums.

Rams Executive Vice President Kevin Demoff released the following statement in regards to the released proposal:

"The Rams lease with the CVC requires that on March 1, 2015 the Edward Jones Dome and specified components of the stadium rank among the First Tier of NFL stadiums. First Tier is defined as among the Top 8 NFL stadiums. In accordance with the lease, the Rams submitted on April 30th the Rams 2012 Plans to bring the Edward Jones Dome up to the First Tier standard. The First Tier process and procedure is confidential under the parties' agreements. The Rams will continue to respect those confidentiality obligations and will not comment on the Rams' plans or the process we are following."


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