St. Louis Rams' secret dome proposal made public

6:25 PM, May 14, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster Monday morning released the top secret Rams' proposal to the Convention and Visitors Commission on how to renovate the Edward Jones Dome to make it a top tier facility.

It calls for tearing down and rebuilding the east side of the building, moving Broadway farther east and installing a movable roof.

It's a stark contrast to the CVC's $124 million proposal that the football franchise rejected.

Earlier in the year, the CVC proposed adding a 50,000 square foot building to the east side of the building, but the Rams want to demolish the entire east side of the building and rebuild it bigger with new seating, lobbies and other amenities.

The CVC wanted to replace the roof. The Rams want a roof panel directly over the field that will move and let the outside in.

And while the CVC offered to clean and spruce up the outside, the Rams version would look totally different from the outside. Modern, sleek, and pricey. The proposal does not mention a price tag, but the mayor's chief of staff says the CVC is crunching the numbers.

"The CVC has brought in a construction company to price the thing out," said Jeff Rainford. "They're not finished doing that yet but they're already looking at a number that's well over $700 million."

Because the dome also hosts conventions, Rainford says the hospitality industry could lose half a billion dollars over the two or three years it would take to renovate the dome.

To football fans we talked to, the mock ups of what the dome could look like are a touchdown.

"I think it looks great. It's right in line with some of the new stadiums like Lucas Oil in Indianapolis and Arizona and Houston. You know it looks more modern, it looks more inviting," said football fan Nick Smith.

But some are worried about what taxpayers might have to pay.

St. Louis County resident Earlene Alexander likes the way the dome looks, but adds, "I actually think that would be quite heavy for the city, people living in the city to pay that much, yes, I do."

The proposal does not spell out the cost or how it would be split up.

The CVC is only saying today that it has the proposal and will have an answer back to the Rams by the deadline of June first.

If the sides can't come to an agreement on how to make the dome a tier one facility, they will head to arbitration. Eventually if no agreement is reached, the Rams can leave after the 2014 season.
The attorney general released the Rams proposal after NewsChannel 5 and other news agencies filed open records requests for it.


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