Cool Down St. Louis urges air conditioner use

4:59 PM, Jul 13, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - With 18 heat deaths in our area this summer, an alert is going out to seniors. Many of the victims of the recent heat wave were elderly and were not using their air conditioners.

So on Friday city and county leaders teamed up with the group Cool Down St. Louis.

They recorded public service announcements, urging seniors and their families, to use air conditioning and save lives.

"We know that this heat wave, while it has subsided, we understand it's going to be coming back. We still have a lot of summer left, and St. Louis can be very, very hot, particularly with these brick homes," said Mayor Francis Slay.

One of their biggest messages is for people who have an elderly neighbor or family member.

They say it's critical people go to the homes of seniors to make sure they are using their air conditioners, and that the units are working. 

Cool Down St. Louis offers air conditioners to those in need and is offering help with electric bills for seniors.

Those who live in the city and need to be checked on can also register on the Functional Needs Registry by calling Kelli McCurdy at 314-657-1676 or by registering online.


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