Jenn Miinch bitten by baby copperhead

5:05 PM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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By Alex Fees

Reynolds County, MO (KSDK) - A St. Charles woman says she was bitten by a snake in a campground while on a float trip last weekend.

She believes it was a baby copperhead.

Jenn Miinch says it happened after dark, while she was walking to get firewood.

"I was camping and floating with my friends. We go every year down on Black River," said Miinch. "The next thing I know I felt a really sharp pain in my right foot."

Miinch said the snake was less than a foot long. She took note of what the snake looked like and later compared it to photographs on the internet. Based on that, she believes it was a baby copperhead. She said it was brown with diamond-shaped markings on it.

"Toe by toe my foot started to swell, and soon it was all swollen. So my friends took me to the emergency room in Ellington, Missouri. And they kept me overnight," she said.

"I ran," said Miinch, recalling the moment the snake bit her. "Everybody was like, 'Why didn't you stick around and find out what kind it was?' I just got bit. I'm not going to stick around and hang-out with the snake. Because its mouth was open and it was ready to go again."

She said she was wearing flip-flops when the snake bit her.

"And if I could do it again," she said, "I would have kept my tennis shoes on. Because most likely he wouldn't have been able to make contact with my skin."

Miinch said Monday a physician put her on an antibiotic regimen.


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