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City leaders meet to discuss security cameras

5:00 PM, Aug 24, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - City leaders met Friday to discuss a plan to increase the number of security cameras throughout the city as a way to reduce crime.

Mayor Slay visited Alderman Antonio French at a local police sub-station to learn more about the potential cameras as a crime fighting tool.

French says cameras in the 21st Ward have reduced crime over the past two years.

Slay is looking at expanding the systems to other wards if he feels they can be properly implemented.

But the meeting also focused on the police attention given to the Megan Boken murder.

During the meeting we caught up with Police Chief Dan Isom, who talked about the increased attention this case received, despite the number of murders that occur every year.

"We have a regular method for investigating homicides. The district detective is involved, homicide is involved, the violent offenders unit. And so we bring the resources in we need to close the case and there many cases we've closed over the years very quickly but had no media attention on that fact. It happens on a regular basis, people usually aren't paying attention," said Chief Dan Isom.

However French feels differently. He says the city and media should do a better job paying more attention to every murder, not just high profile events.

"The response to the central west end murder is the appropriate response we should have to homicides in the city. Unfortunately, we've had over 100 other of those homicides and we would like equal attention to all of those, just as much as high profile homicides," said French.

One problem police and prosecutors face in many investigations is the so-called "No Snitch code" on the streets on St. Louis.

In the past, we've reported that eyewitnesses make a conscious effort not to cooperate with authorities because of fear.


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