Evolution war erupts online

7:17 AM, Aug 31, 2012   |    comments
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UNDATED (AP) - A Christian geneticist has posted an online rebuttal to Bill Nye the Science Guy, who says in a web video that America is being held back by parents who teach their children to disbelieve in evolution.

On the Big Think website, Nye says adults can deny evolution, but he pleads, "Don't make your kids do it, because we need them."

Nye says evolution is so central to science that when many Americans don't believe in it, "it holds everybody back."

Answers in Genesis Science Director Georgia Purdom responds on her organization's website that she and many other Christian parents teach their children about evolution as well as biblical creation. But Purdom, who has a doctorate in molecular genetics, insists that evolution can't explain how organisms "go from simple to complex over time."

Nye declares that fossils and the light from distant stars can't be explained unless Earth and the universe are billions of years old.

Purdom says that's a human theory, but she believes that the Bible is God's eyewitness account of how it all began.

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