Law enforcement doesn't roll out the red carpet for motorcycle riders

10:02 PM, Sep 15, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis County, Mo. (KSDK) -- Hundreds or thousands of motorcycle riders traveled around the St. Louis area Saturday for what is known as the Ride of the Century.

Dozens of law enforcement officers from several area municipalities welcomed them with stepped-up patrols.

The Ride of the Century, or ROC, as motorcycle riders call it, ended in St. Charles County at St. Charles Motorsports and St. Charles Harley Davidson.

On the service road off of I-70, Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers set up a check point, monitoring license and registration issues.

Captain Ronald S. Johnson said, "We're finding a lot of the riders don't have a motorcycle endorsement, no insurance, improper registration, no proof of ownership, no plates on their bikes.  I found a number of plates that were bent up."

Johnson was asked how the ROC affected area roadways.

"They've actually impacted driving; a lot of congested driving.  On 370, they just about closed down the interstate of 370 coming into St. Louis County from St. Charles.  Two of those fled our attempt to stop them and struck one of our patrol cars."

Johnson said there were several incidents of riders popping wheelies and riding area interstates on one wheel.

"They were doing it on 70, on 370," he said.  "One of them actually pulled up beside our patrol car and popped a wheelie right in front of one of our officers."

Did law enforcement stop that motorcycle rider?

"Yes we did," added Johnson.

As of 3:00 Saturday afternoon, St. Louis County Police reported 11 arrests, 32 tickets, 10 towed motorcycles, 3 guns siezed, and one arrest for drug possession.


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