Charlie Parker willing to sell home to offer reward for missing dog

9:37 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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By Leslie Rangel

Warren, TX (KFDM/CNN) - You've probably heard stories about people who love their pets so much, the animals truly become a part of the family.

But what happens when that four-legged family member disappears? How far do you go to bring him home?

One Texas man says he's willing to sell his house to raise money for a reward, if someone will bring his beloved Labrador retriever back.

If you didn't know any better, you'd think this was a normal day for Charlie Parker. He's retired and lives in Warren, Texas.

But something is missing in his life.

"We lost him from this premises that was September 15th and I've been looking for him every day since then," said Parker.

He was mowing the lawn and when he came back to look for his dog Sir, the chocolate lab was gone.

"I beat myself up every day you know if I would've done this or if I would've done that you know just didn't have any idea that I was just going to pull up here and lose him," said Parker.

He says it's much more than the loss of a pet.

"Me and my wife have never had any children and I guess that dog is maybe replacement for a child," said Parker.

He says his horse can never replace the dog. For five years he was never more than a few steps behind Parker.

"He'd come back muddy, clean him all up, fix supper and then hey lets go to bed and next day another adventure. Another exciting day to be alive. But life just don't really mean a whole lot without him," said Parker.

You can find signs all over town. Parker is giving a $50,000 reward to anyone who brings his dog home safe. He says he's willing to give up anything besides his wife and his horse to make it happen.

"Now I've raised that to 50,000 we got the place up for sale. We would do just anything to get him back. If I never got to go on another hunting trip or fishing trip or vacation if I could just get him back because he played such a great role in our lives," said Parker.

A starring role that made life complete on his peaceful property in Tyler County.

"Whatever it takes just bring me the animal and you know I'll pay you," said Parker.

And if it takes selling his home to pay the reward, well that's okay with Parker.

"We had him for five years and I got all those memories but we just want some more. We're greedy. We just want another day, another week, another month, another year," he said.

Precious time with a pet that has become so much more.



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