Grafton Zipline Adventures offers different view of fall colors

6:37 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

Grafton, IL (KSDK) - Listen closely and you not only hear a few quick instructions at Grafton Zipline Adventures, but hearts pounding at a slightly quicker pace.

"Go ahead and turn to your side," Mike, one of the guides explained.

Makes sense when you have to step into a safety harness and sign away your life. However, when you're about to soar above the trees on a cable, it all makes perfect sense.

"We have almost two miles of cable," Jim Scroggins, the course manager added.

It's a course that consists of nine ziplines, some as short as 300 feet others so far away you can barely see where you'll land.

"The first time I got on it, it was very un-nerving I guess you really didn't know what to expect. You couldn't believe you were fixing to do what you were doing," Scroggins said.

It's anxious anticipation for some, flat out fear for others.

"The highest cable you're going to be about 250 at its highest point that will put you about 100 feet over the treetops, Scroggins pointed out.

The fastest puts you close to 50 miles per hour, a speed that tends to take your breath away, but then so does the view.

"Once you break through the tree line look to your right and you're going to see the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers," instructed one of the guides.

Of course, by the time you clip onto the third or fourth line that nervous energy has turned into something better described as "Fun," one guy said.

"Just crazy," said another.

"Exhilarating," added one more guy.

"All of those and very anxious," summed up another man.

So that anxiety doesn't completely disappear, but it does take a backseat.

Grafton Zipline Adventures operates all year, you can even zip at night. It's $79 for nine zips and to learn more just visit their website.


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