'Corpse flower' blooms in Melbourne on Christmas

3:45 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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By Ben Lewis

MELBOURNE, Australia (CNN) - Flower fanatics are flocking to Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens to witness a rare, but somewhat unpleasant event.

A spectacular Sumatran flower has bloomed, and it's causing a real stink.

It's the flower you give to someone you don't like all that much.

"As you can probably smell in the air, there is that distinct smell of a rotting corpse, that's to attract the pollinating flies and beetles," said Chris Cole with the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The amorphophallus titanium is therefore nicknamed the "corpse flower."

It's so spectacular it only flowers for a couple of days in its six year life. It reached full bloom on Christmas night.

"It's great that it has happened in the festive season, we have a very busy time, and a plant like this flowering is certain to bring in the crowds," said Cole.

After all, what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a plant that smells like old roast turkey that's been left in the sun./

Staggeringly, green thumbs can't get enough.

But get in quick gardeners. The corpse flower will collapse shortly. Perhaps even it can't stand the smell.



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