Facebook profile cleaning for job searches

3:02 AM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
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By Kevin Schwaller

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR/CNN) - Could your Facebook page use a cleansing? There's an app for that. It could be useful if you're in the market for a new job.

You might control your Facebook, but you don't control your friends. It begs the question, is there dirt hiding in the corners of your profile that could land your application in the rejection pile?

"If you don't want to see it on the side of a building or on the front page of a newspaper, don't put it on Facebook," said John Peine with the Missouri Career Center.

Peine says some prospective employers have even asked applicants to fork over their social network logins and passwords, for research.

"It's still being explored as to where all the legalities of that rest," said Peine.

"There's been some stuff that I've seen online that I think could potentially look bad for employers," said job seeker Charles Bernard.

Not on Bernard's page though.

"I'm feeling pretty confident," he said.

He says he keeps his pretty clean as he searches for work.

Oone app we found called Facewash looks to help. It searches your profile for possible trouble material, as it puts it, it's looking for terms from sex to curse words, and more. This application finds it, you have to deal with. You can also enter your own terms.

You may want to check out your other profiles too, whether by hand or with help. No support for twitter from Facewash yet, that's coming soon.


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