The Big Kahuna Burger by These Guys Can Cook

12:32 PM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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The Big Kahuna Burger

1/3 lb. Kobe beef (ground)

2 slices apple wood smoked bacon (cooked with a pinch of chipotle powder)

1 large pineapple ring (or two smaller ones)

4-5 thinly sliced red onion rings

1 slice havarti cheese

1 t TGCC Sweet N Spicy Rub

1 TGCC Sweet N Spicy Sauce

1 Kaiser Roll (or gourmet hamburger bun)

Sea salt (to taste)


RECIPE: Start by forming the burger patty loosely to make a long, medium thick burger, not too thick in the middle. Season both sides of the patty liberally with our Sweet N Spicy rub. Preheat your grill to medium high heat. I like to start by grilling the pineapples quickly on each side for around a minute- just long enough to get some grill marks- then set aside. Next, place the burger patty right where you had the pineapple on the grill. This infuses a subtle flavor into the patty. I prefer my burgers medium-rare, especially if you're using QT's favorite Kobe beef. This should take around 4-5 minutes per side. I generally try and keep the grill lid closed when cooking burgers, however I do check occasionally to manage any outrageous flame-ups.

Flip the burger after 4-5 or when a nice crust has formed on the already grilled side. Similar to a steak its best to only flip a burger once and never press it down or you will lose a considerable amount of juice. Check for doneness by pressing on the center of the patty- it should be medium firm with a bit of bounce, so there is resistance but it won't feel like a solid piece of meatloaf. If you're really worried about it stab the center of one with a skewer and make sure the juice runs pink, not red, and certainly not clear- then you can add the cheese. While you're checking the finer points don't forget to grill your buns for a minute or so. A nice grilled bun truly makes all the difference in the world.

To assemble this beautiful burger start by spreading a bit of Sweet N Spricy Sauce on the bottom bun, then place the burger over it. Top the burger with bacon, then red onion strings, and finally a nice big slice of grilled pineapple. "Mmmmm...this is a tasty burger."

Sweet N Spicy Rub:

½  T sugar

½ T chipotle

½ T cayenne

½ T cracked pepper

1 t cumin

1 t sea salt


Sweet N Spicy Sauce:

½ C Sweet Baby Rays Honey Chipotle (or original for less heat)

½ C Ketchup

¼ C Sriracha hot sauce

¼ C Thai sweet chili sauce

¼ C brown sugar

1 T grape preserves (or just 2 T of either apple or grape)

1 T apple preserves

1 T mirin (or 1 T rice wine vinegar)

1 t toasted sesame seeds

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