Nick Burns shares memories of his dad, an Ameren lineman

9:51 PM, Apr 13, 2013   |    comments
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St. Charles (KSDK) -- Nick Burns, 20, took a break from planning his father's funeral with his older siblings, Jacob, Ryan, and Jennifer Saturday afternoon.

Their father Dave Burns, 50, was a veteran Ameren lineman killed Thursday while working to restore power after weather knocked down power lines.

Nick said, "All I know is when he was working he was up on a pole. I guess he was just fixing some things. And I don't know if it became hot, or it was hot when he touched it, but it went through his left arm, through his heart, down into his left foot, I believe. And one of his pole buddies saw what happened, immediately went up there and brought him down."

Dave Burns later died at a hospital.

Nick said he never expected something like this to happen. His Dad was on safety committees, and had won awards for safety. It's a testimony to the danger faced by utility workers and residents alike when weather knocks down power lines.

"And when this happened it was hard to believe," said Nick. "I still can't believe it."

IBEW officials said Dave Burns had been a lineman since 1987.

"I never really knew when he started," said Nick. "I just knew he was a lineman when I was growing up."

Nick said his father's work had taken to places like the Gulf Region after Hurricane Katrina.

"He's been everywhere. When storms hit he goes and helps; he just loves helping people. He would let us know he was going. We wouldn't be able to see him for quite a few weeks, but we would be proud of him that he was going to go help people who need the power, who need electricity."

It was something Nick and his siblings grew accustomed to, growing up.

"When we hear a storm, we would just wait for that phone call. And his phone would go off and we know he'd be at work. We could tell by his tone of voice. And he just gets up and goes."

Nick said public visitation for his father is Friday, April 19th, from 3:30-9:00 at Baue Funeral Home in St. Charles.

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